Feb 8, 2018

Be kind and not lenient... Take Home #659

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Getting the work done by being kind, and not by being lenient, is one of the most important skills a people's leader must possess.

Being unpredictable in a productive sense!

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Being unpredictable in a productive sense makes it challenging for the opponents or rivals to compete with. Well,  Unpredictability is not always great, not always it results into something encouraging. Yet, developing insights about the situation one is in, having a solid plan and adding the flavor of error-free execution to it can work wonders for anyone at most of the times. 

Being unpredictable is not easy either. It takes its own practice and pin-pointed planning to be successful at it. Give it time before trying to be unpredictable; best way to begin with it is to start with it in the most comfortable zone for you! 

Being with people... Take Home #658

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Not staying with positive-minded people but being with them helps in making one develop a positive outlook at certain important aspects of life. 

Feb 6, 2018

Failures teach a lot... Take Home #657

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Failures teach a lot. Prefer not to run away from them until you learn enough

Good or bad... Take Home #656

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Good or bad, everything must settle any which way! It's up to us how soon we accept and gain strength to deal with!

Win and success, they are different!

The mere difference between win and success is that, the former is a short term entity, where as the later is of long term! Also, for anyone to become successful, there is no need to win necessarily. Each one of us inherently have our own definition for success, which must neither interfere with anyone else'e life nor must be driven by the wins or defeats we come across. Becoming successful takes more dedication and determination than to win once or twice or few time for that matter.

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Nov 5, 2017

Say it rightly... Take Home #655

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Saying right things is important and saying things rightly is even more important.

Accept yourself... Take Home #654

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However, wherever and whatever you are, accept yourself and you will be accepted too, if not by everyone but by those few who deserve your acceptance back.

Who are we to judge anyone?

Do not judge people who are going through something that you never have gone through!

Judging none helps, irrespective of we having gone through the same or similar that others are going through. But it does not work that way practically. We tend to compare and we end up judging, especially when the situation seems to be familiar to us. In that particular moment, we fail to understand that each person and situation is unique and if we get hold of this understanding that everyone and everything is unique, what is 'practical' according to us changes forever. We never will judge, especially then when no one is looking for our judgement. 

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Acceptance and agreement are two different things!

Ask, not just to know what's said but also to know how's it said. 

We never know when we may have to answer someone on similar lines and answering is not the game everyone can succeed playing fair! 

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We must keep asking, sometimes others and sometimes ourselves. When we have to answer ourselves, it's important to take time, have an outlook and look from within. When we are on the receiving side of the answer, we must have an absolutely open mind such that we understand and accept the way the other person puts things into perspective. Accepting a perspective and agreeing to it are two different things. Acceptance does not necessarily mean an agreement every time. Agreeing to disagree is yet another way of acceptance and a nobler one too! While we understand that we may not have to agree necessarily to what we are told, we must accept the fact that the answer that we give to others, in time, might not be agreed upon too! However, accepting what we get to hear, the way it is , makes us free from having hard feelings that we otherwise end up developing. When we answer someone, we have a little say in letting the other person accept what we say, irrespective of an agreement. Nonetheless, whatever is that we can do to improve the acceptance levels of the other person, we must do so.